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When was the last ime you thought about getting a new pillow. If you have a good pillow you probably dont think about it much, if you wake up with a sore neck and back you should probably think about it more often. There are some general guidelines we always adhere to when our customers are selecting pillows, and in our dedicated pillow lab, you can try before you buy to ensure the right fit.

Below we will go through the basics of fitting a pillow, but you can try it online yourself at our Online Pillow Selector.

Firstly its important to try the pillow on a mattress that is as close to the feel as the one you sleep on so that the amount your shoulders fall into the mattress is consistent. Next we look at whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper. While this can be dificult in some cases if there is someone that is a little from column A and a little from column B, it gives us a better starting pont. Neck issues and other general ailments are also considered here as well.

Trying to find the right height and fit will be dependant on the body shape of the customer. Wider shoulders and a side sleeper for example may mean a higher pillow with more body. Neck issues would normally mean a contoured pillow for support may be required.

Now that you have tried a few pillows and are ready to go! Make sure you get yourself a top quality pillow protector that will encase the pillow and stop any fluids or dust getting inside and destroying the filling and alllowing nasties to breed.

We should always select pillows by lying on a bed and testing options. Remember that the neck and head should be level with the line of the spine.


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